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Wild Rose Body Care

Wild Rose Body Care

Intensely nourish and enhance your skin's radiance, for a natural grow
Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby

Gentle, natural and organic ingredients to keep delicate skin soft, clean and glowing
Defend & Protect

Defend & Protect

Expertly formulated, this collection is your hand wash hero for the whole family to enjoy

Why Choose Us

Natural and Organic

We believe in nature, honesty, and transparency, and your right to know what goes into the products you buy.

Certified Ethical Sourcing

We believe that our mission to enhance and protect people’s health and wellbeing starts with the very first seed, long before our ingredients arrive at our eco-factory.

Clinically Proven

We only use proven, lab-tested ingredients and formulas in our skincare and wellness products.

Discover Bee Lovely

Help us support 50 million bees! Experience this naturally nourishing collection knowing every purchase supports bee-friendly charities!
Neals Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Wash and Hand Cream Product Photo
Bee Lovely Hand Cream front
Bee Lovely Hand Cream back of bottle
Bee Lovely Hand Cream
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (10)
Bee Lovely Body Lotion
Bee Lovely Body Lotion
Bee Lovely Body Lotion
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (8)
Bee Lovely Beautiful Lips container
Bee Lovely Beautiful Lips container on tree stump with berries
Bee Lovely Beautiful Lips
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (12)
Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel
Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel
From $40.00
Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel
Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 (11)
Bee Lovely Body Butter
Bee Lovely Body Butter flower background
Bee Lovely Body Butter
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (6)
Bee Lovely Hand Wash
Bee Lovely Hand Wash
From $29.50
Bee Lovely Hand Wash
Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 (4)

Shop by Skin Type

To be beautifully soft and supple, dry skin needs a little help in maintaining its natural moisture levels
For a smoother, plumper and more toned complexion, defy your age by tackling fine lines and wrinkles.
To enhance its naturally healthy condition, normal skin simply needs a little help to stay balanced and hydrated
For skin that requires a perfect balance between moisture and controlling unwanted shine.
Maximum benefit, minimum effort. The complete skincare solution for men.
Sensitive skin is particularly susceptible to everyday stresses such as harsh weather and hectic lifestyles and choosing the right product to help care for your skin is key


What our clients say
— Pamela, CalgaryCustomer

I have just purchased my third jar of Frankincense Hydrating Cream — I love it because it absorbs quickly and is not heavily perfumed. My skin feels nourished instantly in our very drying Calgary climate. Being a breast cancer survivor, I am always mindful of what substances I am subjecting my body to, and Neal's Yard products are doing a good job in providing some organically dominant ingredients. I am a repeat customer! Thank you.


Beautiful is not typically a word I’d use to describe deodorant, but the word beautiful is what comes to mind. I use 2-3 sprits of the Lavender & Aloe Vera Deodorant on each underarm and it lasts me the full work day, and evening with my three children. I’ve been experimenting with different aluminum-free deodorants and I must say that this has been my favourite. I’ll be experimenting no more and will be loyally purchasing this product.

— Madison, TorontoCustomer

I have been using Wild Rose Beauty Balm  religiously since I discovered it about a year ago. I use it every day—primarily as a moisturizer before bed, and on my lips throughout the day. It is super nourishing, leaves my skin noticeably brightened and smells amazing! A little goes a long way and one jar lasted me well over half a year. I cannot recommend this product enough—your skin will thank you!

— Florence, OrleansCustomer

In short, I love everything about NYR and as a women with the condition called MCS I am elated to find products that are not chemical based. I can order your products and know not only will they not hurt me, but they haven't harmed anything or anybody else. Besides all of those attributes, they work and they work well; the Frankincense Intense Eye Cream is wonderful and I truly have seen a resounding difference in the skin around my eyes. I just can't thank you all enough for everything.

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Sep 15, 2023
Customers of Neal’s Yard Remedies who have visited our downtown Calgary Boutique will likely have had the delight of speaking with Nancy Ouellet, our Customer Success Manager. Nancy joined our team in the spring of 2023 with over 20 years of cosmetics and skincare experience. She quickly made her mark as an integral member of our team and we wonder what we ever did without her!
An Introduction to Skin Care; Where to Begin, for Beginners
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Aug 29, 2023
We craft our products with love, selecting the finest herbs, botanicals and essentials oils, then maximising their therapeutic benefits at our eco factory in Dorset, England. Discover ...
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