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Six Ways to Restore Your Glow this Winter, from the Outside & Within
Mar 03, 2024
Surviving winter's harsh effects on skin demands more than just external care. Embrace a holistic approach by nourishing from within with essential fatty acids and vitamins, particularly Omegas and Vitamin C, to reinforce skin's integrity and enhance hydration. Opt for gentle, nourishing cleansers to avoid stripping skin of its natural oils. Incorporate hydrating essences and layer with facial oils to lock in moisture effectively. Regular exfoliation removes dead cells, enhancing product efficacy. Emphasize overnight nourishment to support skin's repair process, and don't neglect hand care—exfoliate, treat with serums, and moisturize diligently.
Converting to an All Organic and Natural Skincare Routine
Sep 15, 2023
Customers of Neal’s Yard Remedies who have visited our downtown Calgary Boutique will likely have had the delight of speaking with Nancy Ouellet, our Customer Success Manager. Nancy joined our team in the spring of 2023 with over 20 years of cosmetics and skincare experience. She quickly made her mark as an integral member of our team and we wonder what we ever did without her!
An Introduction to Skin Care; Where to Begin, for Beginners
Aug 29, 2023
With Ty’s sincere desire to test out the NYR product range, and for the first time in his life adopt a skin care routine of his own, it has been our privilege to help him customize a skincare routine unique to his skin concerns...
About Our Ingredients
Aug 29, 2023
We craft our products with love, selecting the finest herbs, botanicals and essentials oils, then maximising their therapeutic benefits at our eco factory in Dorset, England. Discover ...
Aging Gracefully With Dry Skin
Aug 29, 2023
As a new feature on the blog we’ve invited our staff to share some of their favourite products from the Neal’s Yard Remedies collection!  While the responses have been a delight, what stands out most is an obvious passion and depth of appreciation for much more than what is inside each bottle.
Picture of an ocean reef
Aug 29, 2023
At Neal’s Yard Remedies, we’re proud to be ethical pioneers and advocates for sustainability. Here are some ways we’re committed to protecting our oceans.