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Aromatic Collection

With a soothing blend of organic geranium, lavender and marjoram essential oils and skin conditioning botanicals, our aromatic range is incredibly popular - described as like a hug in a bottle and gorgeous!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this promotion we have sold through most of our allocated stock.  The Aromatic collection should be re-stocked next week so please check back or leave a Back in Stock request to be notified the minute these products become available!

Aromatic Foaming Bath
Aromatic Foaming Bath $33.00
Aromatic Body Butter
Aromatic Body Butter $45.00
Aromatic Massage Oil
Aromatic Massage Oil $29.00
Aromatic Foaming Bath (1L)

Aromatic Foaming Bath (1L)
Sold Out
Aromatic Bath Salts
Aromatic Bath Salts $29.00
Aromatic Shower Gel
Aromatic Shower Gel $30.00
Aromatic Body Lotion
Aromatic Body Lotion $39.00