Converting to an All Organic and Natural Skincare Routine

Converting to an All Organic and Natural Skincare Routine

Sep 15, 2023Lisa Shelley

Customers of Neal’s Yard Remedies who have visited our downtown Calgary Boutique will likely have had the delight of speaking with Nancy Ouellet, our Customer Success Manager. Nancy joined our team in the spring of 2023 with over 20 years of cosmetics and skincare experience. She quickly made her mark as an integral member of our team and we wonder what we ever did without her!

Though Nancy will tell you that she has a passion for engaging with people, you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself. If you’re in the area, stop by our downtown Calgary Boutique and we are confident that you will leave feeling that not only are your skincare concerns fully understood and addressed, however also that you’ve made a new best friend and shared a few heart to heart moments in your interactions as well.

It’s not a surprise the learn that Nancy's favorite part of her role is meeting our customers and learning why they consistently return to our clinically proven and organic products. 


“I LOVE sharing my personal favourite products with new clients and offering skins care consultations in-store.” – Nancy


Nancy quickly embraced Neal’s Yard Remedies ethical approach to skincare and loves the outstanding results that she has achieved. Nancy notes that her favourite qualities about the brand are that there is no animal testing and that all products are safe to test on volunteer human participants. She also enjoyed that the products are all natural and organic with no preservatives, no colorants and yet have proven results. She considers her conversion to an organic routine along with the use of essential oils a “texture and sensorial journey!”


Magic Behind the Mirror, featuring Nancy

Nancy has normal skin through the summer; however, living in Calgary she occasionally finds her skin and hair can feel dehydrated. She has embraced the change to an organic and natural skincare regime, using our Frankincense Intense Age-Defying range daily. 

Aside from her daily face care, Nancy has many favorite products.  Here are just a few:


Frankincense Intense Hand Treatment Serum

Nancy has used many products to address the loss of elasticity and age-spots that start to appear on our hands as we age. This lightweight serum has far surpassed her expectations, as she noticed new firmness within a quick 7 days. Now, after several months of use, the difference is remarkable.  She loves that we also now stock it in a travel size and keeps one with her at all times!

Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with restoring ribose and plumping sodium hyaluronate.

Visibly increase the skin’s firmness with reviving narcissus extract, which comes from dormant plant bulbs and has scientifically proven age-defying properties.
Target age spots with conditioning rosehip seed oil, rich in provitamin A. It works together with antioxidant turmeric which is clinically proven to even skin tone.


Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Nancy loves this award-winning, multi-use product. As an avid camper, this is her number one product to take away with her on weekend camping trips to the Rocky Mountains. True to it’s multi-purpose claim, she uses it as a cleanser, face mask and moisturiser, while also keeping it close to hand to help with soothing sunburns, bug bites and cleansing away sunscreen at the end of the day.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm Product Shot 

Enhances radiance: enjoy instantly radiant skin with the glow-giving properties of organic wild rosehip seed oil.

One pot wonder: from an intensive moisture boost to an exfoliating cleanser, a cuticle softener to finishing touches, this super-nourishing balm is a truly versatile skincare hero.

Intensely nourishing: a rich blend of organic jojoba, hemp seed and borage oils combine to help trap moisture within the skin's surface to leave skin feeling soft and supple.



Lavender Conditioner

    Nancy has fine, thin hair and after using this product, she immediately noticed her ends don’t feel as dry. Her hair looks smoother, feels healthier and detangles easily!

    With a nourishing blend of organic coconut, lavender and aloe vera, it enhances shine to leave your hair feeling lustrous and manageable, from root to tip.

    • Enriches and smooths flyaway strands
    • Ideal for fine or curly hair
    • With a nourishing blend of organic coconut, lavender and aloe vera


    Citronella Formula

    Nature and fresh air are important to Nancy, and she retreats into the mountains as often as she can. she also takes with her our Citronella Formula, a spray to help keep the bugs away without the toxic chemicals. 

    This cooling sun spray has a citrusy blend of cooling witch hazel, relaxing lavender, and organic citronella essential oils.

    • Cooling and refreshing
    • Fresh citrusy scent
    • Travel essential


    Balancing Diffuser

    There’s no place like home, and after her weekend adventures, Nancy loves to be greeted by the scent of our Balancing Diffuser. “The scent is calming and triggers a relaxing mode for me.  I only use half the amount of reads and with the essential oils, it gives a wonderful balanced scent to the room.”

    The 100% natural fragrance is diffused through natural reeds, leaving your space beautifully scented with a balancing aroma.

    • Naturally balancing aroma
    • 100% natural fragrance with organic essential oils
    • Lasts up to 12 weeks under normal conditions


    Converting to a natural and organic skincare routine doesn't mean compromising on the effectiveness of the products. We're always available to help answer questions, talk you through your skincare, and help you understand your skin - Nancy can even provide some first hand advice! 

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