Sweet summertime - tips for a sunny skin routine ☀

Sweet summertime - tips for a sunny skin routine ☀

Jun 04, 2019Sophie Taylor

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Suns out, buns out! Or, just more skin anyway...

Most of us look forward to the sunny seasons however the sudden change in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on our skin. Should we change our skincare routine? Add more? Add less? Add an SPF (duh, obviously)?

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Like most modern-day relationships, the one we have with our skin is complicated. Whilst there’s nothing you can do about seasonal shifts (aside from moving to somewhere with a milder climate) I’ve put together some tips and advice so you’re one step closer to happier skin, whatever the weather.

  • As temperatures rise so does the humidity, the combination of this triggers an elevation in the skin's oil flow, it’s this excess oil that can feel heavy on the skin. As you move from drier winter months you need to focus less on exfoliation and more on sebum control - try switching your weekly polish to a clay-based mask instead. Our Rose Antioxidant Facial Mask uses pink clay, which will gently absorb and pull excess oil from the skin, leaving it balanced and clean.

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  • Increased oil flow can lead to congestion that can lead to more breakouts (surprise, surprise). Make sure you’re removing all makeup and SPF at the end of the day. My suggestion? Amp up your double-cleanse game. Use a nourishing balm like our award-winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm to massage makeup, oil and SPF away, then use a gentle foaming cleanser like our Rose Facial Wash to lift the remaining residue and stabilise the skins PH-levels.
  • SPF. This was obviously going to come up... You should hopefully be wearing one daily anyway, if not, now is definitely the time to start. Look for a mineral (also known as physical barrier) SPF with both UVA and  UVB protection – and don’t be fooled by SPF ratings on your foundation, you would need to reapply 5-10 times a day to receive the coverage they state! If you’ve had too many margaritas in the sunshine (it happens) try popping our White Tea Facial Mist in the fridge and apply as needed - it’s infused with soothing white tea and calming aloe vera for your not-so-happy skin.


Don't be this guy.

  • Still suffering from dry skin? Unfortunately, it’s possible. If you’re exposed to dry heat it can make the skin drier than it was before – air-conditioning and chlorine are culprits too. All of these factors strip your skin of its much-needed moisture causing dehydration, luckily the solution is simple: up your H20 intake on the inside and out. Aim for at least 2 litres of water a day and use a hyaluronic and humectant rich serum such as our Wild Rose Elixir to help prevent dehydration by boosting and binding moisture to the surface of the skin.
  • You wouldn’t wear the same clothes in summer as you would in winter. It’s best to remember that when choosing a moisturiser. During the sunny summer months opt for something a little lighter yet still nourishing on the skin like our Frankincense Hydrating Cream – look for moisturisers with beeswax as it provides a protective layer on the skin (from pollution, environmental factors) without blocking it as petroleum-based products do.

Top tips to remember for summer-ready skin:

  • Opt for lighter lotions and moisturisers but make sure you’re removing all makeup and oil before bed
  • SPF. Is. A. Must.
  • Pick serums and mists rich in antioxidants and vitamins
  • Keep your skincare products somewhere nice and cool – bacteria thrives in warm conditions
  • Use green-tea infused ice cubes on angry breakouts or sore sunburn for instant relief
  • Don’t forget the eyes and lips! Use our cooling White Tea Eye Gel for puffy eyes and dark circles - white tea has been shown to help prevent and reverse UV damage
  • Drink lots of water and eat foods high in water content
  • Keep showers short and cool to help skin retain moisture
  • Stay out of the sun between 11am-3pm

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Go and glow!


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