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November 19, 2019

Mulled wine, fairy lights, snow sprinkled Christmas trees – all signs that the festive season is truly upon us!

Whether you’re an organised shopper with a detailed list or a shopper who starts (and finishes) all present buying on Christmas Eve, we’ve got you covered with a selection of gorgeous gifts for every person, price and personality so you can sit back, relax and enjoy this years’ holiday activities.

For Her

Whether she’s an eco-friendly queen or you just want to spoil her this year – we’ve got plenty of gifts and ideas she’ll love.

Little Luxuries:

  • Maybe she’s a new Mum, or her job is a little stressful, or you think she just needs to rest and recuperate. Our Prepare For Bed Night Time Gift aligns body and mind with the help of the relaxing aromas in the tranquil blend of essential oils featured in our Goodnight Pillow Mist and Relaxation Remedies to Roll to help her drift off in no time.
  • She’s a nurse? Chef? Massage therapist? Any hands-on jobs will benefit from our Refine & Revitalise Melissa Hand Care Gift. A must-have for hands in need of a little TLC (and small enough to fit in her bag!)
  • Wine - I don’t think this requires explaining.

Star Gifts:

  • If she’s new to organic skincare or becoming zero waste is her New Year’s resolution, consider our award-winning Special Edition Wild Rose Beauty Balm, also known as our one-pot-wonder because it does everything. Yes, we mean everything.
  • Does she enjoy a pamper evening? Or maybe you think she should have more of them? Try our new Sink Into Bliss Foaming Bath Collection. A luxurious collection of foaming baths, with pure organic essential oils for a beautifully aromatic bath. For extra points – consider a bottle of wine and a good book to go with this?
  • A massage! Book her in for an hour of aromatherapy or deep tissue for some extra pampering.


  • Is there a show she’s mentioned? Maybe this is the time to treat her to tickets for the theatre or ballet! You could even go for a couple of cocktails beforehand. She’ll love that you have an entire evening planned.

For Him

Notoriously difficult to buy for because he has everything. Check our suggestions below for a Christmas he’ll remember!

Little Luxuries:

  • It’s an obvious one (and I’m sure he gets them every year!) but socks, underwear and PJ’s are classic Christmas present staples. And stops him having to buy them himself.
men's organic rejuvenating moisturiser skincare

Star Gifts:

arnica salve workout herbal therapy organic wellbeing skincare
mens organic cologne essential oils
  • Our Men’s Cologne is an expertly blended, energizing scent containing 13 organic essential oils, each with a unique aromatherapy benefit. The sophisticated aroma includes uplifting bergamot, energizing grapefruit and refreshing bay and works to invigorate your senses.
  • A nice bottle of bourbon, whiskey, or whatever his drink of choice is.


mens collection organic skincare
  • Does he steal your skincare? Our practical and classically stylish Energise Your Senses Men's Collection wash set gift is a ready-to-go skin and body care routine. With invigorating organic essential oils and skin conditioning botanicals, our For Men collection smooths the skin and revives the senses.
sports game
  • 2 tickets to a sports game! Either you can go, or suggest he takes a friend if it isn’t your thing…
  • A brewery tour is a fun day out! See what offers they have and pair the gift with some beers from the brewery of choice.

For your BFF

From calling with fake emergencies to get you out of a bad date, to turning up with wine after a difficult day at work – she’s always there for you. So understandably you want to show her how much she means to you.

Little Luxuries:

mini wild rose beauty balm organic skincare
revive your senses shower gel collection
  • Try a charcuterie basket – cheese, chutneys and wine always work well. Then it’s an excuse for you to have a girl’s night in!

Star Gifts:

create your own product event
  • We know it’s difficult to stay on top of seeing each other – life gets in the way. Why not purchase 2 tickets to an event for you both to attend? We have regular Create Your Own Skincare Events which are perfect for a girls night out!
travel diffuser organic essential oils
  • She always compliments yours so you know she’ll love it - create a bespoke gift including our Travel Diffuser and some blended essential oils like our Women’s Balance.
complete wellness book
  • You’re both experts in wellness and beauty (well, you try to be...). Whether a holistic lifestyle is a new interest or she’s a wellness warrior consider our Complete Wellness Book. It’s a beautiful book (inside and out!)


balance body and mind relaxing kit gift
  • You know she’s been stressed out lately – now is the perfect excuse to spoil her. Balance Body & Mind Relaxing Ritual supports wellbeing with our balancing blends and relaxing essential oils to help you create the perfect calming sanctuary. Complete with candle, Rose & Pomegranate Foaming Bath and Body Lotion, Remedies to Roll Relaxation.
rehydrating rose organic skincare kit
  • Does she travel a lot? Or is she new to organic skincare? Our Travel Kits are ideal gifts!
spa day neals yard remedies organic skincare
  • A spa day! Look for deals close to Christmas and you can both enjoy a day of pampering, relaxing and drinking tea (or wine?)

For Mum

She’s seen you at your best and your worst – and been there to go through it all with you. Show her how precious she is with a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

Little Luxuries:

organic essential oils aromatic bath salts
  • She’s cared for you – now it’s your turn to return the favour. Our Special Edition Bath Salts are beautifully packaged for the holidays and are the perfect gift for an aromatherapeutic treat.
organic hand defense spray sanitizer
chocolate truffles
  • Chocolates, biscuits, cake – anything she doesn’t usually treat herself to! You could even try making some homemade Honeycomb or Truffles...

Star Gifts:

mothers balm stretch marks organic skincare
  • Maybe she’s a new Mum? Or soon to be? See our Mother’s Balm – created to prevent stretch marks. It’s also gorgeously rich and nourishing!
organic anti aging hand serum lotion
  • Check out our Special Edition Frankincense Intense Hand Serum, specifically formulated to target the visible signs of aging on the hands, this high-performing hand treatment serum is clinically proven to firm and hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.
frankincense perfume organic essential oils
  • Can you go wrong with perfume at Christmas? No. Never. Deeply evocative, warming and soothing, our first Pure Essence Eau de Parfum celebrates frankincense beautifully.


frankincense intense lift collection organic anti aging skincare
  • Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold! Well, the next best thing... Our Frankincense Intense Lift Collection targets the loss of firmness and deep lines with our award-winning and certified organic Frankincense Intense Lift products (containing Myrrh Essential Oil and finished with beautiful gold and blue packaging!) Also available as a travel kit.
organic sensitive skin care collection
  • Sometimes as we get older it’s common for our skin to become more sensitive due to hormonal changes. If your Mum has been mentioning this – consider our new Sensitive Skin Range – pure, organic, fragrance-free, dermatologically tested and alcohol-free!
pottery making hobby
  • Does she have more spare time on her hands than before? Why not explore some new hobbies with her? Pottery, painting, beekeeping are all fun day activities – and you can go with her so she can enjoy some quality time with you whilst learning something new!

 For the Hostess

Hostess with the mostest! She’s constantly cooking, entertaining and looking fabulous at the same time – how does she do it? Say thank you with a beautiful, caring gift!

Little Luxuries:

bee lovely christmas gift organic
  • Our Nourish & Uplift Bee Lovely Winter Heroes gift is perfect to keep in your handbag, these Bee Lovely favourites will keep hands beautifully soft and lips silky smooth, with moisturising organic honey to nourish and uplifting organic orange essential oil to help lift the spirits – handy before hosting a big party!
organic essential oils pillow mist beauty sleep
  • An essential after every big party – Pillow Mist. Proven to improve your sleep from the very first night, this mist helps to calm and soothe the mind before bed – perfect for those who have trouble unwinding.
holiday wreath
  • A beautiful Christmas wreath always goes down well.

Star Gifts:

Warm your soul handcare collection
  • She liked it so much last year, you know it’s a winner this year! Back for a second time our Warm Your Soul Hand Care Collection will delight guests this holiday season with the festive aromas of orange, mandarin, clove and cinnamon. Just wait for the compliments when it’s sitting next to the kitchen sink!
  • She’s ready for everything – support this incredible (and tiring!) quality with our pulse point aromatherapy rollers! Our handy collection of pure organic and natural essential oils for Energy, Night Time, Relaxation and Travel.
  • You know she enjoys hosting and entertaining. Why not find a unique artisan serving bowl or centrepiece pottery for her to use at her next gathering?


beauty sleep organic body care gift
  • What does the hostess need after a successful party? Yes, sleep. Our Wake Up Beautiful Beauty Sleep Gift contains Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath, Beauty Sleep Body Butter, Beauty Sleep Concentrate and Goodnight Pillow Mist to help blissfully drifting off.
foaming bath organic wellness and body care
  • Or show how much you know her by creating a gift set for her! If she loves unwinding in the bath why not combine our Aromatic Foaming Bath and our Aromatic Salts for a truly bespoke thank you gift!
  • No one usually considers that the hostess might like to go out for dinner when she’s the one cooking! Look at restaurant vouchers as a gift. Or pre-pay for a bottle of champagne for her table if you know where and when she’s going out!

Christmas can be an overwhelming time of year and we hope this guide takes out some of the stress. In the lovely words of Josephine Daskam Bacon, “Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold.”




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