Wild Rose Beauty Balm - It Does It All!

Wild Rose Beauty Balm - It Does It All!

Apr 04, 2016Adam Hart


We love hearing all of the wonderful ways you use our iconic Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Whether its a weather-beaten complexion, dry hands or anything else - it's got you covered! Today we're sharing 15 different ways the editors from The Chalkboard Magazine love to use it!

Our overnight bag runneth over. Call it the ‘dark side’ of our obsession with pitch-perfect beauty products. The rewards of finding the perfect treatment for every skincare issue imaginable are quickly countered by the issues of shrinking counter space and diminished flight allowances. We love our full spectrum of bottles and baubles on the vanity and have learned to respect even the most minute differences between beauty oil blends, but every so often life just calls for something simple.



Perhaps you’re a minimal kind of gal already or are just going through a phase; maybe you’re headed on a backpack-only excursion or work from the tiniest office space humankind’s ever seen – whatever your reasons for wanting to consolidate your product load, we’re pretty sure we’ve found one of the most ideal ways.

Neal’s Yard Remedies, in-the-know Londoners’ go-to beauty brand for decades, is celebrating 10 years of their staple skin treat, Wild Rose Beauty Balm – and this little jar can do it all. 

NYR means business when it comes to sustainability. Their deeply natural products are every English rose’s pick when it comes to organic skincare. Although we’ve been foiled by many the ‘wonder product’, this beauty balm really lives up to its long-standing reputation for healing a host of issues and keeping skin glowing on a daily basis.

With a blend of rosehip, hemp and borage seed oils, as well as geranium, rosemary and frankincense – and little else – this rose treat melts in your hand and turns into the perfect solution for just about any of your skin’s needs.

Below you’ll find 15 ways to use this multi-purpose balm to your heart’s content. 



Massage a small amount onto the face, and remove with muslin cloth rinsed in warm water.


After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to the face, massaging in with an upward motion.


After thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the face, apply the balm over the face. Cover the face with a warm washcloth, and relax for 10mins. Remove any remaining traces of balm with the washcloth, and apply your usual moisturizer.


Apply a small amount to the lips.


After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to the cheekbones and other areas of the face prior to applying your powder foundation for a healthy radiance.


Massage a small amount of the balm into the cuticles every night to encourage strong nail growth.


After washing and exfoliating the feet, massage some balm into the heels. If heels are very dry, cover with clean cotton socks overnight.


After holding the burn under cool running water, apply the balm liberally to keep the skin supple and help to prevent any blisters bursting. For minor cuts and scrapes, apply the balm onto the lint area of a Band-Aid.


Massage a small amount through damp hair when on the beach or by the pool to help protect the hair from salt and chlorine. To remove, massage a little shampoo into the hair BEFORE stepping into the shower, and everything will rinse away leaving the hair with an incredible shine.


After shaping the eyebrows, apply a small amount of balm to smooth and control.


A fantastic treatment to soothe the pain of sunburn, and help to prevent the skin from blistering. After a cool shower, apply liberally over affected areas.


Apply directly to any bug bite or sting to help prevent itching.


After a bath or shower apply to areas of dry and irritated skin.


Apply as soon as possible to help prevent blistering.


When the wound has closed and any stitches have been removed, apply the balm morning and night to help encourage the growth of healthy skin and minimize scar formation.


Pick yours up today! Buy now.


What are your favourite uses? Leave a comment below with your own ideas for this rosy stuff!



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