Tips for self-care during the holidays

Tips for self-care during the holidays

Dec 20, 2019Sophie Taylor

There seem to be 2 types of people once December rolls around -  those that have carefully picked out 27 sparkly party frocks and whose decorations are up on the 1st, and those that roll their eyes at the mention of egg nog and ugly sweater parties.

The truth is the holidays can become a bit overwhelming to both those who enjoy and loathe this time of year. 

Thankfully, there are things we can do to minimize the stress.

Follow these tips to practice some much needed self-care so that you can be fully present this holiday season:  

Prepare for overindulgence 

family dining - self care during the holidays

It's common knowledge that portion sizes, alcohol intake and snacking increase over the next month. Instead of completely depriving ourselves, let's take steps to prepare for this so our bodies can cope more easily and we feel good about the occasional treat:

1) Make sure you have healthy alternatives in the cupboard or fridge so that you have other options if you're feeling cheese plattered-out. Wherever possible, limit the amount of heavy or starchy foods so your body doesn't feel so full.

2) You can take a supplement over December and January such as Milk Thistle to give your liver a helping hand, and try our After Dinner Tea with peppermint and dandelion to help with digestion.

3) Stop making New Year's resolutions that promote a cold-turkey (excuse the pun) restrictive yo-yo diet. Instead, ease yourself in to whatever healthy transformation you choose to make so your lifestyle change is more likely to continue way past 2020. Consider making goals to get your body moving more often which helps the function of all of your organs, improves sleep, reduces stress, and so much more. Yoga, swimming, running and weight lifting can be meditative activities: try focusing on the movements, the repetitions, your senses and emotions, your breath and the surroundings to bring more awareness to your workout, and reap the benefits of a calmer mind throughout the day.

woman swimming - self-care through the holidays

As always, drink more water

This one is fairly self explanatory and one you should follow all year round, but now is a better time than ever to make sure you are drinking enough water! Central heating, dry, cold weather and alcohol can seriously dehydrate you. Drink 2 litres of water a day and you will be amazed at how your skin looks and how much energy you have. You can always treat yourself to a Copper Water bottle* - not only do they look amazing, but you get some additional Ayurvedic benefits from the copper too! 

copper water bottle - hydration - self care over the holidays

*Only available in store.

Set boundaries and make time for yourself

This one covers many, many topics. Whether it's pressure from your family to visit for extended periods of time, pressure to find the right gift (we'll make it easy - see our gift guide blog post for all price ranges and people!) or pressure to attend 6 New Year's Eve parties because you don't want to let anyone down - the solution here is the same. Boundaries and communication. 

stop sign - boundaries and self-care

Be honest with yourself and your loved ones about your limits, whether they're financial, social, or time. This is your holiday too - and that may mean you need a break supposed obligations! Take a look at your budget and set realistic limits for each person's gift so that you're not paying off a huge credit card bill in the new year. Don't have enough time to shop for everyone? Suggest secret Santa. You're hosting a party? Ask everyone to bring a dish or BYOB. 

Set boundaries by simply allocating time for yourself each day, take a bath with your new Bath Salts or read a book and remember to recharge your mind and body. 

And ask for help if you need it! Emotions can run high during this time of year so communicating this is important. Say it with me... 'Can you bring a side dish?' and 'Would you mind watching the kids so I can nap?' 

Use this time to take care of yourself and enter the New Year refreshed and well rested. 

Turn your party prep time into me-time

December means parties and there's a particular one on the 31st that is the most anticipated... I've laid out my favourite at-home facial to brighten, tone and firm - perfect to prep your face for your NYE party and to give your skin a much needed antioxidant boost. It's also a lovely way to take 30-40 minutes to yourself!

1.  Fill a bowl with warm-hot water and set out an organic muslin cloth or organic cotton flannel.
2.  Gently cleanse your skin by using a quarter-sized amount of our Award Winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm and massage into skin, then soak the muslin cloth or flannel in the warm water then remove the balm and pat dry.
3.  Use a pea-sized amount of our Rose Facial Polish and apply in a circular motion all over the face avoiding the eye area. Work for about 1-2 minutes and rinse off. Pat dry. This product contains milk thistle to help gently detox.
4.  Apply a thin layer of our Frankincense Firming Mask - containing rejuvenating frankincense, ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acid and firming marine algae to intensely tighten, smooth and reduce the appearance of lines. Leave on for 10 minutes and enjoy a cup of our Quiet Time tea made with pink rosebuds, lime flower and chamomile to help detox the skin. Breathe.... then, after 10 minutes rinse off and pat dry. 

frankincense firming mask - party prep and self care

5.  Apply a generous spritz of Frankincense Mist and then 2 pumps of our Frankincense Rejuvenating Facial Serum. Work in until there is no product left on the skin and don't forget your neck!
6.  Finally finish with a moisturiser to suit your skin type such as the Hydrating Frankincense Cream or the Rehydrating Daily Rose Moisturiser. Take a slightly larger amount than you would usually and massage all over the face and neck - work in outward, slow, circular motions and pay attention to areas that are prone to tightness and congestion like the jaw line, temples and under the eyes. 


If possible, do this facial about 2 hours before applying make-up to give your skin time to drink in all the lovely ingredients! If your skin feels a little dry before applying your make up, take a very small amount of Wild Rose Beauty Balm and press into the skin on dry areas like the cheeks and jaw for dewy, refreshed skin.

Whether you’re snuggling up with a loved one or partying 'til 4am this New Year’s Eve, we hope 2020 brings you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity!




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