How To Transition Your Hair Care Routine for Fall

How To Transition Your Hair Care Routine for Fall

Sep 17, 2018Madison Abernethy


Blanket scarves. Crunchy leaves. PSLs. Pumpkin patches. Yes, fall is here! And while this blustery season brings with it many joys, it also means that colder, drier weather is on the horizon. This change in temperature can make your tresses frizzy, brittle, and unmanageable. But not to worry—just a few small tweaks to your routine can ensure your locks remain luxurious. Here are our best tips for caring for your hair as we transition into the colder months.


Getting a haircut every 8-12 weeks will help keep your hair healthy all year round, but it is especially important to follow this rule leading up to fall. During the summer our hair experiences greater sun exposure, which can leave it damaged and fried. Plus, the longer your hair the more susceptible you are to breakage. Speak to your stylist about cutting away broken ends, or consider a fresh new style altogether.


We all know that skin gets drier in the winter months, and the same applies with our hair and scalps. During the transition from summer to fall, it’s vital to add a hair mask to help your hair adjust to the change in weather, and to condition ends and give your hair lots of healthy shine. We recommend a bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment for a moisture boost, and to keep your strands shiny and full of life.


Synthetic and alcohol-based ingredients that are found in many shampoos and conditioners can strip your hair of oils that are vital for keeping them luscious and full of body, and at the same time cause product build up which can leave your hair looking and feeling oily at the roots. By using products that have all-natural ingredients, you can help prevent further drying to your hair and keep your roots looking clean and build-up-free.


Organic Argan Oil


It’s simple to get a spa-like hair glow at home with this favourite DIY recipe. Mix equal parts of Organic Argan Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and apply on the scalp and hair generously. All strands should be covered. Keep the mixture on for 30 minutes, and then wash hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. We love doing this once per week to keep our strands extra nourished.


Summer can leave a lot of build-up at your roots—salt spray, sunscreen, and sand can all cause greasy, limp roots. Mix this with drier locks below and you’ve got a less-than-ideal hairdo situation. Start the fall season off right by giving your scalp a solid detox by using a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks to leave the shower with a squeaky clean feeling. Note: this may strip some colour-treated hair of its colour, so make sure to speak with your hairstylist before using.


It isn’t difficult to keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful during the fall, although it does require a few simple changes to your hair care routine. What does your fall hair care routine look like? Any favourite tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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