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August 08, 2018


This post originally appeared on Flopsy Life, a lifestyle blog by local Calgary writer, personal stylist & life coach in training Britt Tataryn. To read the article on Flopsy Life, please visit here.


Moving into a new space is jarring. Yes, it’s a good change, but it’s still stressful. You’re letting go of the past and free falling into trust for your future without knowing what it will hold. It’s also super disconcerting as you’re going through these changes without your comfortable, safe space.

Diffusing essential oils is one of the ways I’m making sure to care for myself & my family during this transition. It’s grounding, makes our space smell like home, and has the healing medicine of the plants that I choose. I chose to use Neal's Yard Remedies essential oils as they're ethically made and sourced, natural, and certified organic. They want to provide the best for you, the Earth, and the people who make their products.

I picked up a beautiful ceramic & wood Amaya diffuser from Neal’s Yard Remedies the day after we finished painting and unpacking our new home. I love the look of it—it fits seamlessly with our style. It works so well that I have it in our bedroom (the farthest corner in the basement) and I can still smell the beautiful scents, although subtly, upstairs near the entryway. 


NYR Essential Oils

I grabbed a collection of different oils, all of which I realized after had a very grounding quality to them. I choose them all based on intuition and how my body reacted to their scent. The ones I picked were:

Rose Absolute: relaxing, great for painful periods (interesting, as I was on my moon!) & sensual
Patchouli: Strengthening, great for stress, anxiety & depression
Sandalwood: Relaxing, restorative & great for dry skin
Cardamom: Relaxing, restorative & great for anxiety & calming the nervous system
Bergamot: Relaxing, uplifting & great for depression
I also received a free Vitality blend as part of their promotion! When you purchase an Amaya diffuser between now & August 22nd, [2018] you get a free Vitality blend, which is delightful & also super grounding and uplifting. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something... [this promotion is now finished]
For a week now I’ve been diffusing different combinations. I start my morning by checking in with myself and seeing what I need for the day, whether it’s relaxing, uplifting, or grounding. I make a ritual of pouring the water, thanking the plants for their medicine, and setting the diffuser for two or three hours. My absolute favourite combination for the day has been rose, cardamom, and bergamot (I do ten drops of each).


NYR Essential Oils and diffuser

I do the same at night but focus on using just calming scents—sandalwood, rose & cardamom. I set the diffuser for an hour or two before we go to bed so that the room is filled with calm, relaxing, sensual vibes. I turn on the built-in lamp so that we come into a calm, dimly lit room rather than the harsh overhead light. It’s helped us both sleep so much better, which in turn obvs makes life better.

I'm already noticing the impact regularly using this plant medicine is having on our lives. Adding essential oils into our daily routine has not required much effort, but the benefits have been huge. From feeling at home, feeling more grounded and relaxed, and sleeping better, this beautiful plant medicine has helped me immensely, and I couldn't recommend it more (after doing research to make sure it's safe for you, as again, this is medicine and needs to be used responsibly).


Thank you Britt for your kind words and for sharing your experience with our essential oils! To shop all our essential oils and aromatherapy, please visit here.

What are your favourite ways to use essential oils? Have a favourite blend? Let us know in the comments below!

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