What Lindsay is Using Now!

What Lindsay is Using Now!

Nov 24, 2015Kelsey Schiavon

This is a new series of posts from the team at NYR Canada! We want to share with you what we're using now! This series will feature one of us each week talking our favourite products, transitioning between seasons and getting our glow on with natural, organic products. We welcome your feedback and questions - enjoy!

Name: Lindsay Seder

Position: VP, NYR Canada

Skintype: Normal, occasionally dehydrated

Hairtype: Normal, but dry in the winter. Completely straight and fine!

Morning routine:

a. Rose Facial Wash, Rose Toner, Rose Eye Cream, Frankincense Hydrating Cream 

b. In the shower: Aromatic Foaming bath used as shower gel, about once a week I also treat myself to Rose & Geranium Body Polish to help with dry winter skin, Orange Flower shampoo and Rose Conditioner. 

I really hate dry itchy winter skin sooooo…. after a shower I moisturize with Apricot oil or Almond oil, I love both, a bit of Aromatic Body Butter and a lathering of Professional Body Lotion (currently unscented)

Night routine: My winter night routine is Orange Flower facial wash, Rose Toner, Orange Flower Facial oil (only every other day or so) and Beauty Sleep Concentrate. 

Travel beauty essential: They are all essential. Haha - but definitely Lip Formula and Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Cream

Coffee or tea: Both! Usually a latte in the morning and tea in the afternoon and before bed

Favourite superfood: Goji berries because they can be used in so many ways but I like to add them to homemade energy bars, chia pudding, tea, or on their own

What’s on the menu for breakfast: Greek yogurt, chia, berries

What's are you using now? Share in the comments below - we'd love to hear!

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