Wild Rose Beauty Balm - Our Winter Skin Saviour!

Wild Rose Beauty Balm - Our Winter Skin Saviour!

Oct 27, 2015Kelsey Schiavon

Winter weather is fast approaching and we're prepping our skin with some of our favourite NYR products, including our Wild Rose Beauty Balm! Today we're sharing a post from Katie Marks, from Calgary based lifestyle blog Toques & Truffles. Check out how she used our Wild Rose Beauty Balm to keep her skin glowing!

I would like to propose a name change – Wonder Balm.

I’ve spent the last week slathered in the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and it has done nothing short of wondrous things.  Note: I only use copious amounts because I’m obsessed with the smell, the lightest amount goes miles!

Since moving to Calgary, my skin and lips mimic the Sahara Desert, no matter what ridiculously expensive or sworn-by-affordable products I’ve tried, nothing has assuaged my dryness.  Enter in one night with this as a face and lip mask, I woke up smooth and completely hydrated.  This was very exciting, so of course I had to make others in my presence give it a shot – our concierge who was entranced by how it felt on her dry hands and E when his face came home sun and wind burnt from a game of golf.

Like everything else Neal’s Yard Remedies, the balm is 99% organic and completely natural.  For real, completely natural (I read the label: rosehip, jojoba, beeswax, shea, hemp, rosemary, and the list goes on).  So if I accidentally ingest it, I’m not worried (I may have wanted to see if it tastes as good as it smells).

And the store…. the store!!!!  Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling of great smelling, beautifully packaged, good-for-you products.  To seal the deal, Neal’s Yard in Mission has the cutest, friendliest, most knowledgable staff; we were in giggles shortly after I walked in.  Of course things got serious when talking about the wide array of products they carry – every possible thing for everyone.  My next must-try is the do-it-yourself bath and shower oils, the goal: to smell like a giant human flower.

I only mentioned a few of the great things you can use the Wild Rose Beauty Balm for, below are the ten top uses (TEN!! But I swear there are more).


Have you tried our Wild Rose Beauty Balm? Share your favourite way to use it in the comments below, we'd love to hear!

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