Avoid Facial Oils? An Old Wives' Tale!

Avoid Facial Oils? An Old Wives' Tale!

Sep 14, 2015Adam Hart

“Avoid products with oil because they can cause acne”. We've all heard this old wives' tale before and it has a surprising amount of staying power! Take one step into any local drugstore and you’ll find plenty of oil-free products aimed at acne prone skin. However, precisely what many of us think causes acne actually prevents and treats it! In addition to helping reduce blemishes, oils help protect, nourish and heal the skin, especially as we head into dry winter weather. Different oils can benefit different skin-types and choosing the right oil can seem overwhelming - but it doesn’t have to be! Read on for some tips on choosing the best oil for your skin type!



  • Normal Skin:
    • Argan Oil: Cold pressed from the kernels of the fruit from the argan tree in Morocco, Argan Oil is high in fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E to give skin a gorgeous glow! Often referred to as "liquid gold" argan is a dry oil that absorbs easily into the skin without feeling heavy.
  • Blemish Prone or Oily Skin:
    • Grapeseed Oil: Pressed from the seeds of the grape, this lightweight oil is high in linoleic acid which can help reduce the inflammation associated with acne and blemishes. Grapeseed Oil is also slightly astringent which helps to tone skin and balance oil production.
  • Mature Skin:
    • Avocado Oil: This dark green oil is deeply nourishing and protective for dry skin. Avocado Oil is high in vitamins A, D and E to fight inflammation and reduce irritation associated with dry skin. Also high in a substance called sterolin which has been found to soften the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots.
  • Dry or Irritated Skin
    • Neem Oil: Pressed from the fruit and seeds of the neem (an evergreen tree) this oil is commonly used for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and even acne. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, Neem Oil helps reduce inflammation while hydrating and encouraging the skin to heal.

Have you tried any of the oils mentioned above? We'd love for you to share your experiences in the comments below!

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