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August 20, 2015

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Today we're sharing a blog post from Ashley Maronik, a Calgary based make-up artist and wardrobe consultant who encourages a more natural form of self-care. Check out how she uses Neal's Yard Remedies to keep her skin glowing!

As a self-proclaimed beauty guru I know the power of a good product. After years of figuring out my skin type and finding a product that aligns with my values, I have finally found one! I’ve been using Neal’s Yard Remedies, the entire Rejuvenating Frankincense line, for well over a year now and it has literally transformed my skin. These beautiful blue bottles are filled with herb-based organic magic that are synthetic chemical-free. I love NYR’s holistic approach to natural remedies and how they use the expertise of apothecaries to the health and beauty industry.

Skin care is hugely important in any woman’s life, especially as we age. I cannot stress it enough to have a proper and regular skin care routine. My suggestion is to wash your face first thing in the morning and again, before bed. After a day in the outside elements, I like to wash my face immediately when I get home from work. As a makeup queen, it is so important to remove the day’s makeup, dirt and grime – yuck! Research shows cleansing before bed is essential to looking younger longer, and I believe it!

My face washing evening routine:

1 – First thing I like to do is, use eye makeup remover. It easily removes my mascara and eyeliner. After, I splash warm water on my face to dampen.

2 - A couple of pumps of Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash and massage into damp skin to remove impurities.   Rinse with cool water and then pat face dry with towel.

3 – After facing my face, I ALWAYS use a toner; Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner. It removes any dirt that the cleanser may have missed (trust me, an important step). Apply to cotton pad and rub over entire face and neck. Take a look at the cotton pad after, I bet you will see some leftover grime.

4 – This step is probably the most important for us aging beauties... an age-defying serum or concentrate of some sort. Frankincense Intense Concentrate instantly hydrates and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I use 2 pumps and massage into my face and neck. (I only do this step for my evening face washing routine; I skip this step in the morning)

5 - Rejuvenating Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum and gently apply a small amount to your ring finger and pat gently around your eye socket. This product will definitely help minimize crow’s feet!

6 – And lastly, yes that’s right - Yay! I end with Frankincense Hydrating Cream, apply about a dime-size amount to skin and neck.

I know, it seems like a lot of steps, but trust me every little bit helps to achieve a fresh skin glow. You wouldn’t forget to brush your teeth, view your face washing routine in the same light!

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November 20, 2015

My family has been batntilg the flu, and a friend shared with me that I should have some essential oils in my arsenal to fight illness. Thanks for this post very interesting!

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