Those Beautiful Blue Bottles

Those Beautiful Blue Bottles

Aug 09, 2015Lindsay Seder

It is a comment we hear often, “the blue bottles are so beautiful.” And we have to agree, we can’t get enough of them! We even decorated the front desk in the store with an artistic display of re-purposed bottles. While having a store decorated with blue glass bottles may work well for us, you maybe wondering how you can re-use your blue bottles in your own home.

One of our favourite ways to use our bottles is also one of the most simple, just place a flower in a bottle and you have a new vase! We like to use the toner bottles for this, as they just are the perfect size to add a little water and a beautiful, long stemmed flower. The vibrant colours of a pink rose or a gerbera daisy really pop against the blue glass!

Living in Canada the climate doesn’t always cooperate when we want to grow our own herbs in our yards, especially if we want fresh herbs year round. Our solution to this problem? Grow them inside in blue jars! There are plenty of plants that would thrive in a re-used Lavender Bath Salts jar.

Our team in Covent Garden recently shared an amazing way to re-use our candle jars. We think our morning smoothies will taste even better from an NYR re-purposed glass!!

A few other fun ideas include a floating candle centre piece, storage for kids paints and other craft materials, a home made wind chime or even tiki lamps for the back yard.

Our blue bottles truly are beautiful whether they are colourfully decorating our bathroom counter, growing plants or becoming the bottles for a personalized create your own product. They also serve a purpose and all levels of packaging are carefully considered before reaching you! If you are interested in learning a little more about the care that goes into our blue bottles check out this page.

Don't forget that all of our blue bottles are recyclable through city recycling programs!


Have a re-use idea for us? Share in the comments below!


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