While we all want products that are free from preservatives, unlike food, we don't keep our skincare in the fridge but in a warm and steamy bathroom. Which means if we want to keep our creams and lotions fresh and free from bacteria and other 'undesirables', we need to use preservatives.

One of the many bonuses of using plant-based materials and essential oils is that many of these are also natural preservatives, such as rose or propolis extract, and the ethanol/denatured alcohol (alcohol from plant sources) we use to dissolve and blend all the natural plant essences in the finished product. Which all means we need fewer, if any, added preservatives in our products - such as our Wild Rose Beauty Balm, White Tea Eye Gel, Rose Formula Hydrating Eye Cream, Baby Bath & Shampoo, Pure Essence Eau de Parfums and many more.

Where natural preservatives aren't viable, we choose the safest, most natural possible versions of these ingredients and use the minimum required to produce a high quality product.