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Ravintsara Organic

Latin name: Cinnamomum camphora

Effect: Cleansing

Bottle Size: 10ml

Steam distilled from the leaves and twigs. 

  • Stimulating and expansive
  • Immunity-boosting
  • Helps to relieve cold symptoms. 

Blends well with lemon, ginger and thyme.

This oil was previously known as Ravensara Essential Oil however international botanists have decided to change the name to Ravintsara Essential Oil due to re-classification of the tree the oil comes from.  The oil itself remains identical.

Suitable for vegans

--- Usage

How To Use:
Baths: blend 5-8 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil or full fat milk, add to bath
Massages: add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 3 tablespoonfuls of carrier oil
Diffusion: add 2-4 drops of essential oils to a burner, aroma stone or aroma stream

Country of Origin: Madagascar

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