Your Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 01, 2020Jennifer Price

It's a strange time for everyone in the world at the moment, but that shouldn't stop us from acknowledging and celebrating that special woman out there… 

She does her utmost to protect you at all costs, knows exactly what to say when you're feeling down and probably has a signature dish you can't stop thinking about. That's right, your Mom. 

Whether you're far away from your Mom or if you're together in isolation, we've created an easy gifting guide so you can show her how much you appreciate her and say a massive thank you for just being her. No matter her interests, we've put together the perfect gift guide to make this Mother's Day a breeze. 

For the busy mom

These moms are on the go, constantly. Whether she's always at the school helping or has a full time job, she's always moving. 

  • Is your mom ready for everything? Support this incredible woman with our pulse point aromatherapy rollers! Our handy collection of pure organic and natural essential oils fit right in her purse - select between Energy, Night Time, Relaxation and Travel.
  • Does your mom prefer a simple routine? Treat her to some skincare basics like our award-winning Frankincense Facial Wash, Toner and Hydrating Cream. A simple 3-step routine is a perfect way to ensure she takes some 'time out' in the evening, but not take too long so she can get to bed ASAP…
  • Now is the perfect time to get crafty. Create a cute coupon book for her to 'redeem'. Include things like '1 x dinner cooked by me' or '3 x dog walk'. Take the time to think what she would really appreciate to make her life a little easier! Bonus points for some funny terms and conditions. 
  • Is your mom is prepared for everything? Why not create her a bespoke handbag essentials kit? Include our Hand Defence Spray, tissues, mints, Band-Aids and our Rosehip Lip Balm. You can even present it in our cute cosmetics bag to keep everything nicely organized! 
  • Does your mom need a little pick-me-up?  Bring a sense of harmony and peace to her home with our hand-poured aromatherapy candles. Try our Uplifting Blend. Does she need to slow down? Try our Calming Blend. With 36 hours of burn time, these candles have great lasting power! 

For the retired mom

These moms have a little more time on their hands. Maybe their children are a little older and they've finally got the time to spend on themselves. 

  • Can you go wrong with perfume? Never. Deeply evocative, warming and soothing, our first Pure Essence Eau de Parfum celebrates frankincense beautifully and is 100% natural. 
  • Treat your mom to her essentials. Our Frankincense Intense Range is perfect for mature skin types. We also have this range in a handy travel kit, perfect if she’s never used this range before! The kit also comes in a gorgeous deep blue travel pouch.
  • She's got a little more time on her hands than before. Why not explore some new hobbies with her? If your current situation won't allow you to be together in person, then get creative! Hop on a video call and try knitting or painting until you can attend some classes together. And she'll have something to look forward to.
  • Has she shown an interest in an holistic lifestyle? Why not send her one of our gorgeous books? Our Complete Wellness book covers all topics or choose something specific, such as Essential Oils or Herbs. 
  • She wants to take care of her skin, but doesn't know where to begin? Try our multi-purpose award winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm – bursting with the antioxidant goodness of organic wild rosehip. She'll notice a difference straight away! 

Moms-to-be & new moms

These moms need some extra TLC. Coming to terms with pregnancy or a new baby is tough enough, let alone in the current climate. 

  • An obvious one but it's a favourite for a reason... Our fragrance-free Mother's Balm is a moisturizing blend, rich in essential fatty acids, to help maintain the skin's elasticity, prevent stretch marks and soothe the discomfort and itch that can accompany expanding skin. It can be used before and after pregnancy to keep skin soft and supple.
  • Does she have trouble unwinding? Try our Godnight Pillow Mist. Proven to improve your sleep from the very first night, this mist helps to calm and soothe the mind before bed – perfect for those who have a few more sleepless nights than planned.
  • A simple gesture of cooking some easy-to-reheat meals can be so overlooked! Don’t live with her? No problem. Text her and let her know you're bringing something over for her and arrive with a bag of dishes that can easily be reheated and stored in the freezer. She'll be so grateful it's one thing off her mind! 
  • While she may not have the time to take a bath or spend a long time in her self-care routine, a diffuser will be the next best thing! Try our gorgeous new range of reed diffusers to leave her space beautifully scented – without any plugs or water. (We sell the refills too, so remember her favourite scent for her birthday!)
  • Offer to run some errands for her! Going to the post office, picking up groceries and paying bills can all become very time consuming tasks once you have a little one. Offer to do them for her so she can take a nap, go for a walk or simply do nothing. She won't realize how much she needed the spare time!  

Whomever you’re sharing some love with this Mother’s Day, show them how much they mean to you with a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.


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