Frankincense Intense™: Ask the Formulator

Frankincense Intense™: Ask the Formulator

Oct 24, 2017Adam Hart

Fran Johnson Frankincense Formulator


Looking to find out a little bit more about these amazing products? Fran Johnson, Neal's Yard Remedies Formulator, answers our most frequently asked questions on the range below.

What’s so special about Frankincense Intense™? 

Simply put, it works. Some people worry they’re compromising efficacy when they choose natural skincare. With Frankincense Intense™ there’s no compromise, just incredible, clinically proven results without the need for synthetic ingredients. 


What does the cream do?

Frankincense Intense™ targets the signs of ageing. It visibly reduces lines and wrinkles, increases skin’s firmness and suppleness, enhances radiance and intensely hydrates your skin. The difference is immediate, the results are lasting. 


What are plant stem cells?

Plant stem cells are naturally occurring cells that have a unique growth characteristic. They can make exact copies of themselves, or split to become separate, specialized cells. Stem cells have the same renewal and growth functions in any organism, animal or vegetable. We use stem cells from gardenia leaves. 


Are plant stem cells genetically modified (GM)?

No. None of our plant stem cells or any substance involved in the process are genetically modified. The plant cells are cultivated and concentrated using mechanic filtration, but nothing genetically altering happens to the plant. Our plant stem cells are certified GM-free and their use is approved by the Soil Association. We do not use GM ingredients in any of our products. 


How does the cream work?

We use three key ingredients that tackle the visible signs of ageing. Frankincense oil improves skin tone. The 3-peptide complex supports collagen production, smoothes lines and increases skin’s firmness and suppleness. The gardenia plant stem cells protect and slow collagen degradation, enhancing skin’s suppleness and strength. 


I have sensitive skin. Is Frankincense Intense™ right for me?

Frankincense is not only restorative but is especially beneficial for sensitive acne-prone skin. It helps to minimize inflammation, suppresses bacterial growth and accelerates cell growth.


Frankincense Intense dancinpenny

Dancer and choreographer Penny Higgs (@dancinpenny) with her favourite  Frankincense Intense™ products.



Our trial study was carried out by a world-class Italian laboratory in compliance with the World Medical Association declarations of Helsinki and with the Colipa Guidelines. Like our trial, our photographs were taken under clinical conditional, and are completed un-retouched.

In addition, in independent consumer trials:
  • 100% said their skin looks younger
  • 100% agree their skin texture is smoother and firmer
  • 97% said their skin appears brighter
  • 90% saw a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Frankincense Intense Before and After

Illustration 1 shows a typical dermis that has reduces support with fibres that are less numerous and less compact, resulting in lines and wrinkles.


Frankincense Intense Skin

Illustration 2 shows how supporting the skin’s structure results in a reduction of lines and wrinkles, improved suppleness and a smoother texture.



Defy your age naturally with visible results you'll love, with our clinically proven and award-winning Frankincense Intense Collection! Have you tried it and loved it? Or are you curious about the collection, and would like to learn more? Let us know in the comments below!

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