Why Aren't Functional Ingredients Organic?

That's a good question - and one that we regularly put to our ingredient suppliers! Currently most functional ingredients are made on a large-scale by specialist companies that are part of the conventional beauty care industry. As the organic beauty market grows in importance, we continue to push for more functional ingredients made from organic plant material.

Already our determination has led to changes. Once we were told there was no way of producing an organic soap. Undaunted, we campaigned for 5 years to persuade our soap manufacturer to make an organic soap base - and were the first to use it when it was finally created in 2006. Today we're proud to say our ultra-gentle Baby Soap is 99% organic.

Our goal is clear - to use 100% organic ingredients, either organically-grown or ideally naturally growing wild on uncontaminated or organic land - depending on the nature of the plant. Most of our extracts already meet this objective - we now just have to convince the beauty care ingredients industry to use pure organic materials to make functional ingredients.

If anyone tells you that they have a cream, lotion, foaming bath or shampoo made with 100% organic ingredients, they are making false promises. The fact is, different product types require different formulations.