Why Aren't All NYR Products 100% Organic?

Organic is our passion, but sometimes it's just not possible to be 100% organic.

'Organic' refers to products from certified organic agriculture - such as cold pressed seed oils, nut butters, essential oils, honey, beeswax, and herbs for infusions and tinctures. However not all beauty products can be based solely on certified agricultural ingredients.

Water is not 'organic' - it is not agricultural and doesn't grow - so products that are a mixture of oil and water can never be 100% organic.

Lavender Sea Salts Salt and other minerals also can't be certified as organic. Our Lavender Bath Salts are made from the finest French mineral-rich natural salt, harvested by traditional methods as part of the sustainable management of a wildlife reserve in the bay of Brittany. This pure salt is then combined with organic lavender oil from the mountains of Provence - and nothing else. As salt is a mineral and not an agricultural ingredient that can be grown, it cannot be certified organic. So the organic content of our 100% natural Lavender Bath Salt is just 1% - which is the amount of certified organic lavender oil.

What you can rely on is that our products contain the highest levels of organic ingredient possible for each product type.