Our Sourcing Policies

Our pure 'Organic' ingredients are grown under tight regulations that ban the use of harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. We only ever call an ingredient organic if it has been independently certified organic.

Wild - we consider this to be the 'ultimate organic' as this is what every good organic farmer aims for - growing as nature intended, ie grown in a mixed species, unpolluted habitat and harvested sustainably.

Our pure frankincense and myrrh essential oils are a good example of this. Both are distilled from natural resin collected from trees in uncultivated desert areas far from the nearest chemical sprayed crops. However they are difficult to have independently certified as organic as the land is not officially owned or managed. Of course we are always looking for organic alternatives.

If wild-growing plants are collected from independently approved, organically managed land - for example our red clover, cleavers and dandelion from Croatia, or elderflowers, calendula and nettles from Sheepdrove Organic Farm - they too can also be certified organic.

Natural - this means plant ingredients and extracts grown by conventional or non-organic farming.

These ingredients are sourced from a small number of trusted suppliers that we have established long term relationships with.