Transitioning to a fall skincare routine

Transitioning to a fall skincare routine

Sep 17, 2019Sophie Taylor

The long days are becoming shorter. The sun is playing hide and seek. You need an extra layer or two. I hate to break it you, but summer is over.

Sunset summer organic skincare

Stressed out because you don’t think you made the most of the sunny weather? Me too. But there’s no need to fret over your fall skincare routine – some subtle changes and simple swaps will keep your skin clear and glowing ready for sweater weather.

During summer we focused more on sebum control. As we slip into fall, the air gets drier, you’re more likely to be exposed to radiators and heating - this combination can (unsurprisingly) make your skin drier, duller and more prone to flaking. My suggestion is to begin exfoliating to slough away the top layer enabling your products to penetrate deeper into the skin, making them more effective. Make sure you’re not over-exfoliating as that can lead to sensitivities and redness by removing too much of the top layers – once a week should be plenty.

As temperatures drop the want for a long hot shower increases, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Hot showers and baths weaken the protective layer of the epidermis (the top layer) meaning more moisture is lost at a quicker rate, the dry autumn air only exacerbates this once stepping out and you might notice your skin is dry, flakey and itchy. Try and limit bathing time or turn the temperature down just a fraction to ease some of these symptoms.

Bathing organic skincare

WEAR SPF. This should be worn every day, even on cloudy days. There are studies that show how partly cloudy conditions can actually aggravate UV rays by reflection and diffusion. So, keep including this in your routine. No excuses.

With the hot weather fading away you may be drinking less water, but try to keep that water bottle close by and stay hydrated - so much of our skin's hydration comes from the inside. If you don't love to drink plain water then consider adding organic fruits, herbs or veggies like lemon, mint, or cucumber. Eat water-rich foods like melon. Or, of course, it is that time of year for curling up with a lovely cup of tea and taking the ubiquitous tea and sweater-hands selfie...

tea and sweater hands

Transitioning to fall doesn’t mean you need to throw out all of your summer skincare. In summer we looked at lighter lotions and creams, so, as autumn approaches and you add on extra layers, treat your skin the same way. Try adding a facial oil for an extra dose of hydration to your routine and choose an oil that will compliment your skin, we have 3 amazing facial oils to choose from.

  • Frankincense Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types but especially those wanting to target fine lines and wrinkles due to the frankincense and omega-rich oils in the blend. This oil has also been clinically proven to moisturise for up to 12 hours so no need to worry about extra application during the day!
  • Our Orange Flower Facial Oil is antioxidant-rich with essential fatty acids so is best suited for those with very dry skin. This award-winning oil will also help protect against premature aging so is great for younger skin too.
  • The Rose Facial Oil is our best seller and it’s clear to see why – it’s a balancing, revitalising boost for all skin types but especially for people with oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin. This lightweight oil sinks in quickly and is full of skin-balancing nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

facial oils - organic ethical skincare

A lot of people with oily or combination skin worry about adding an oil to their routine – make sure you’re using plant-based oils (stay away from mineral!) and essential oils as these won’t block the pores and will actually help balance sebum levels. Facial oils should be applied after toning and before moisturizing – 3-5 drops should cover the whole face and focus on areas that need a little more love (usually the cheeks and brow bone). I like to incorporate a little massage when doing this bit to get my circulation going and practice some self-care at the same time.

As the summer draws to an end, our lives usually become a little busier. Whether it’s school, work or just adjusting to a new schedule try not to let stress build. We all know that stress is damaging to the body but the rise in stress hormones (such as cortisol) can actually make an appearance on our skin too – high cortisol levels make the skin produce more sebum and can accelerate the aging process – making fine lines, wrinkles and age spots more visible. So make sure you’re taking time out for yourself and your skin will thank you.




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