Stampede 2016: Our Top 5 Picks!

Stampede 2016: Our Top 5 Picks!

Jul 11, 2016Kelsey Schiavon

The Calgary Stampede is here again - meaning late nights, early mornings, mini-donuts and possibly even a cocktail (or two!). All this means our bodies can end up taking a bit of a beating over the next week, but luckily we have a few tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling your best!

1) Wild Rose Beauty Balm

A few too many drinks, too little water and long days spent in the sun can mean dry, dull skin that needs a little TLC. Luckily, our Wild Rose Beauty Balm comes to the rescue! Full of skin loving ingredients like frankincense, shea butter, hemp and borage oil to lock in moisture, reduce redness or inflammation and get you glowing!

Quick tip: Apply a thin layer to clean skin before you hit the hay. Wake up to fresh, glowing skin - and no one will know what you were up to the night before!

2) White Tea Facial Mist

On the grounds with no escape from the sun beating down? Reach for our White Tea Facial Mist to cool you down when the weather heats up! Packed with cooling aloe, anti-inflammatory lavender and skin protecting white tea - mist on (even over make-up) to cool and refresh hot skin! 

Quick tip: If you're at home, keep our mist in the fridge for a super cooling and refreshing treat!

3) Organic Berry Complex

Whether it's deep fried corn dogs or sugar filled lemonade, hanging out at the grounds means indulgences at every turn! Luckily, it's easy to get your daily dose of antioxidants with our Organic Berry Complex. Drink it with water, add it to chia pudding and smoothies or create an easy DIY face mask to save your skin this Stampede!

Quick tip: Add a small amount of our Organic Berry Complex to a plastic bag & keep it in your purse to make sure you're getting your nutrients even on long days spent at the grounds!

4) Organic Facial Wipes

Indulged in a few too many drinks and want to crawl into bed? Make sure you take your make-up off first! Keep a pack of our Organic Facial Wipes beside your bed to make sure you hit the pillow with a clean face! These 100% organic, biodegradable wipes are skin soothing with lavender, roman chamomile, white tea and aloe vera - our wipes remove grime without irritating the skin!

Quick tip: Add a couple of our facial wipes to a plastic bag and keep in your purse so you can easily freshen  up on the go!

5) Organic Defense Hand Spray

Port-a-potties mean one thing, and one thing only - keep our Organic Defense Hand Spray in your purse! Lavandin, lemongrass, cinnamon, thyme and vetiver leave hands smelling delicious, with no sticky residue!

Quick tip: Avoid the drying soap found in public washrooms and use our hand spray to cleanse without irritation!

However you're spending your time this Stampede, do it safely and remember to make time to care of yourself amid all the fun!

Do you have any skincare tips to stay glowing during Stampede? Share in the comments below - we'd love to hear!

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