Ideas for acts of service and gifts for the Moms in your life

Ideas for acts of service and gifts for the Moms in your life

May 09, 2019Kristen Rehn Adema

It’s that time of year when we show all our love to the moms in our lives for Mother’s Day, and unless she’s been dropping hints about what to get her, we might be struggling to find that perfect gift.

We’ve put together a collection of ideas for moms at various stages of their lives.

New Moms

This mama needs both conveniences in her routine AND luxuries for those moments when she gets to recharge. She’s both thrilled about her new baby (or babies!) and exhausted from the demands of midnight feedings, and would love the freedom just to take a long, hot bath or shower.

New Mom and Baby

Gifts of service ideas:

  • Household chores. Drop by and offer to do chores around the house while Mom naps or bathes, or just gets the time to bond with her baby without needing to get anything done. Even though you’re probably dying to snuggle the baby, it’ll show you understand the demands of being a new mom if you help her tackle all the household chores so she can catch up on some much-needed me-time. You can always get some snuggles a few weeks later! No time? Pay for professional house cleaners.
  • Meals. Bring some easily reheated or prepared food for the family – it would be great to include a snack, a salad, a main dish, and a dessert (and would be even better to include breakfast too!). Be sure to ask about food sensitivities, and try to ensure the dishes are healthy (if she’s breastfeeding she needs as much nourishment as possible). If you don’t have the time, consider sending the family a month of Chef’s Plate or Hello Fresh boxes – they are pre-chopped/prepped fresh ingredients and simple recipes delivered right to their door every week, and recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less.
  • Offer your second-hand baby items. If you’re a parent, offer her your gently used baby supplies, especially any that might be on the pricey side if she bought them new. You know that all these items can be expensive, so any help in this area is usually appreciated!
  • Offer to run errands for the family. If they have older kids, offer to take them to soccer practice or dance. Take the dog for a walk or stay with the baby while Mom gets out for a walk! Pick up items at the post office or a pack of diapers.
  • Listen. Sometimes she just needs you to come by with her favourite coffee order and just let her unload about all the craziness that this new life entails! Or let her know that you’re always up for a late-night phone call.

Gifts you can buy:

  • A massage. This is your chance to get some baby-snuggle time in while Mom gets those kinks worked out! Holding and feeding a baby can seriously mess with her alignment and cause painful muscle strain, so she probably would really appreciate a relaxing massage, and since it’s only about an hour she’d probably be willing to tear herself away from the baby for this chance to recuperate.
  • A diffuser with baby-safe essential oils. While she won’t always have the time to take a luxurious bath, she might just have the time to get a diffuser going – this aromatherapy will lift her mood, brighten her day, relax her mind, and she’ll appreciate that she’s not just smelling milk for a little while! Some essential oils that are safe for use in diffusers around babies are lavender and chamomile oil.
  • Wine. Enough said.
  • Luxurious pyjamas or lounging pants. These mamas spend a lot of time in a state of sleepy wakefulness and some days there’s just no getting out of PJ’s. Give her the chance to lean in and feel fabulous in silk, flannel or whatever her favourite fabric might be.
  • Body care products. She doesn’t have the time to be doing a lot of body care at this point, so supply her with convenient products that sneak in some luxurious me-time – our New Mom gift collection includes Organic Facial Wipes for when she just needs a quick pick-me-up, a mini Wild Rose Beauty Balm to swipe on to keep her skin radiant, Aromatic Shower Gel for luxuriating in those rare times when she can have a shower, and Mother’s Balm to replenish and boost her skin’s elasticity.

Busy Moms

These ladies are always on the go – they get supper going in the crock pot that morning, get everyone packed off to school, take the baby to daycare, go to work all day, pick the kids up, feed them and get them to soccer practice on time! By the time her day is done she feels lucky to have the time to wash her face before bed.

Busy mom with little girl

Gifts of service:

  • BABYSITTING. She’ll accept, 100% of the time.
  • Bake her family some healthy snacks. There’s always a need in her life for snacks – in lunches for school, after soccer practice, or in the car.
  • Compliment her and her children. Show her that you really see her and the amazing effort she’s putting in, be specific about a moment that was inspiring or moved you. Tell her that her how incredible her kids are – give examples of times that you saw her kids show good character (like when they pushed their sister on the swing just because they wanted to make her laugh). Sometimes these comments are what motivate her to get through really tough parenting moments with grace.
  • Work alongside her. Bring coffee or wine and help her plant her garden, or spring clean, or rotate her tires. She has to do these tasks anyway, and many hands make light work – especially if she can get a chance to visit with you.

Gifts you can buy:

  • Audible gift certificate. She does a lot of driving or commuting, she might enjoy listening to that book she’s dying to read instead of it gathering dust on her bedside table.
  • Fitbit. This will show her the incredible mileage she’s getting from her busy life!
  • Slow cooker or Instant Pot. There’s a good chance she’ll have one already but if not, it might change her life. You could even provide a couple of prepped meals to christen it with.
  • Products to help her meditate. Her mind might be racing with plans, or toxic mom-guilt, or just general anxiety with being overwhelmed. Meditation can take as much time as she wants, so whether she gets 20 minutes before the kids wake up, or 3 minutes in the car before her next errand, these moments of mindfulness can help rewire her brain to better deal with the onslaught of unhelpful thoughts. There are books, aromatherapy, apps, and accessories available.
  • Skincare products that fit her lifestyle. Well-meaning family and friends might have given her all kinds of lovely products that unfortunately she just has no time to enjoy like face masks, bath products, or complicated treatments that ultimately end up in a drawer somewhere before they expire. We put together the Essentials Mother’s Day package that accounts for the minimal time she has and restocks her favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies products so she can use them right away as part of her daily routine. The Wild Rose Beauty Balm can be used in 10 different ways to fit her specific needs that day, the Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash cleanses without drying, and the Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner balances the pH of her skin.

Moms with Some Me-Time

These mamas might have older kids that are starting to have more independence so she doesn’t have to chauffeur them around as much, or their kids might have flown the coop and she’s now got some time on her hands to catch up on her relaxation and me-time.

Mom in luxurious bath

Gifts of Service:

  • Shopping date. She can finally get out and treat herself, enjoy the ride and buy her a coffee!
  • Help her with downsizing. She might be ready to KonMari her house now that the kids are older, so stop by and give her a hand with purging the old kids' clothes and toys, bookshelves that need organising, and closets, attics or basements that need to be de-cluttered. Wine should probably be included, this can be a hugely emotional and laborious task!
  • Girls’ Night. She can finally get out of the house without a babysitter or curfew - take that lady out dancin’!
  • Hobby exploration. Does she yearn to try pottery-making? Cooking classes? Hiking? Beekeeping? Find some local courses to take with her, lucky you!

Gifts to buy:

  • Jewellery. She’s always deserved to sparkle, but at this point in her life, she won’t have to deal with cleaning pablum or Play-Doh out of her gorgeous baubles.
  • Bathtub caddy. It has a stand for her book, a drink holder and room for all her must-have bath products and accessories.
  • Hobby supplies. Allow her to take her newfound skills and freely create at home with the supplies she needs for her newest passion project.
  • Books. Get her a gift card for her favourite book shop so she can choose her next adventure.
  • Weekend getaway. Treat her to a weekend destination spot of her choosing for a chance to recharge.
  • Body care and wellness products. Choose our Spoil Her package for Mother’s Day that features products to enhance her quality time with herself. Our Organic Uplifting Aromatherapy Candle will brighten her day, Aromatic Bath Salts are a soothing blend of organic marjoram, lavender and geranium essential oils and mineral-rich, purifying sea salt that will soften her skin and ease sore muscles, our Relax blend of Remedies to Roll is perfect to pull out of her purse when she needs an aromatic aura, and the mini Wild Rose Beauty Balm can be used for anything from moisturizer, cleanser and mask, to eyebrow tamer and highlighter.

Whomever you’re sharing some love with this Mother’s Day, show them how precious they are in your life with a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

And if you’re a Mom, we honour you and appreciate everything you do! 

Happy Mother's Day from Neal's Yard Remedies

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