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These frequently asked questions should be read in conjunction with the full Terms & Conditions. If you don�t see the answer to your question, contact us at info@nyrcanada.ca and we will do our best to help you out.

What is the Feel Good Loyalty Program?

Feel Good Loyalty is Neal�s Yard Remedies� loyalty program in Canada. It's free to join and, whenever you make a purchase in-store or online, you�ll collect points which can be redeemed for discounts. Entrance in the program may also entitle you to early access to new products or allow you to purchase exclusive sample products.

Can I earn Feel Good Loyalty points on past purchases?

Unfortunately we are unable to award points for any purchase made prior to the program's launch on February 19, 2018.

How do I join Feel Good Loyalty?

All you need to do is create an account with NYR and you�ll be entered into the program.

Who can join Feel Good Loyalty?

The program is open to all residents of Canada who are of the age of majority in their province of residence except for NYR employees and their immediate family members and partners as well as NYR contractors and their immediate family members and partners. NYR wholesaler customers are also ineligible to earn points on wholesale and supply purchases.

Does creating an account automatically add me to the email list?

No, joining the email list is up to you and doesn�t happen automatically when you create an account. You don�t need to be on the email list to participate in the loyalty program.

How do I collect Feel Good Loyalty points?

Loyalty members earn 100 points for every $1.00 spent in-store or online. From time to time the company may run bonus offers offering additional points on some or all products. From time to time the company may also run bonus point offers for interacting with the company.

Where can I earn Feel Good Loyalty points?

At any NYR retail location in Canada and online at nealsyardremedies.ca. Points can not be earned at any NYR wholesale partner. Points can only be earned on retail purchases from NYR, they can�t be earned on wholesale purchases or supply purchases from NYR.

Can I earn points without an account?

No, you must create an account before you start to earn points.

How do I check my points balance?

Your balance is at the top of this page as well as next to the account button in the top right corner of the header.

I haven�t received my points from a transaction, what do I do?

Points take a minimum of 24 hours to appear in your account. Points for purchases can take up to 30 days to be credited to your account.

Will I earn points on everything I purchase?

No, you will not earn points on gift cards, treatments or shipping chargers. This list is subject to change at any time.

If I return an item purchased using a discount code will my points be refunded?

No, once you use a discount code on a purchase those points are considered used and can�t be refunded. The reason for this is; you don�t redeem points directly for a product, you redeem points for a discount code and discount codes can�t be reused, recreated or returned once they are used. Any money you used for the purchase will be refunded per our return policy.

How can I redeem Feel Good Loyalty points?

Points can be exchanged for discount codes which will be applied against your order. The base rate is redeeming 10,000 points allows you to receive a $5 discount code. These codes will automatically be applied to your order both in-store and online. Points have no cash value and therefore are only redeemable for discount codes to be applied against purchases.

I am already an NYR customer, am I automatically entered into the program?

No, you will need to create an account with NYR to enter the program. If you have an existing account with NYR in Canada, you will be entered into the program when you make your first purchase after the program start date.

I have purchased products from NYR in the past, will I receive points for those purchases?

No, there will be no points awarded for any purchases made before the program start date.

I don�t think my account balance is correct, what should I do?

Contact us at info@nyrcanada.ca and we will investigate. Keep in mind it may take up to 30 days for points to be added to your account.

I see that points have been removed from my account, why did this happen?

NYR reserves the right to remove points at any time if the company feels they were earned fraudulently. This is an exceptionally rare occurrence. Please contact us if you feel points were removed from your account in error.

What are Feel Good Loyalty points worth?

Points have no value. They can only be exchanged for fixed dollar discounts.

I don�t have an account with NYR, do I need one to join Feel Good Loyalty?

Yes, you�ll need an account to enter the program.

I don�t have a loyalty card. How do I get one?

There is no card associated with this program. All you need is an account with NYR.

Will my points expire if I don�t use them?

Yes, your points will expire after 24 months of inactivity in our store.

How do you consider that an account in inactive?

An account is considered as inactive when there hasn't been any purchase or redemption made within 24 months.

How do I update my account information?

Contact us at info@nyrcanada.ca and we will change your email address for you.

Can I use points from multiple accounts?

No, only the points earned in your account can be redeemed for discount codes. Points can not be transferred between accounts. Discount codes can also only be used by the account that earned the points.

How do I cancel my Feel Good Loyalty account?

Email us at info@nyrcanada.ca and we will close your account. You can rejoin at any time but any points you have accumulated will be lost when you close your account.

I have a Feel Good Loyalty account with NYR in the UK, can I use those points at NYR in Canada?

No, the loyalty programs in Canada and in the UK are completely separate and points can only be redeemed in the country in which they were earned.

I completed a bonus offer prior to the program start date, will I receive bonus points for doing this?

No, only completing bonus offers after the program start date will result in bonus points being awarded.

I don�t want update emails for the Program?

No problem, just click �Unsubscribe� on any email and you won�t receive them anymore.