Come learn about the SACRAL Chakra and ending with a meditation to balance it

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Cost: $10.00 plus GST
DATE: August 23, 2018
TIME: 7pm to 8:30pm
LOCATION: within Neal's Yard Remedies Flagship Store.  Suite 130, 2207 4th Street SW, Calgary Alberta T2S 1X1 
PARKING: street parking is free after 6pm
WHAT TO BRING: a yoga mat, a pillow or blanket.  Something you will be able to lay on comfortably.
You can come to one, two or more or all the Chakra Meditations.  This is you trusting in yourself to know which one or more you need to come to.
The Sacral Chakra is about your: self-worth, healthy boundaries, abundance, family, community, beliefs, sexuality, sensuality, pleasureand more You will learn about the Sacral Chakra, to help you quickly determine if it is out of balance.  You will be shown many ways tobalance the Sacral Chakra.
Mary Anne Stovka is a certified Chakra Healer.  She has many years of experience working with the Chakra system within a persons body and thru all the persons subtle bodies within their Aura.
Tonight, we will discuss:
-       Location of the Chakra on your body
-       What organs are associated with it
-       What color is associated with it
-       Which planet(s) is associated with it
-       What Angel is associated with it
-       How to identify if it’s going to fast or to slow
-       Questions to ask for each chakra
-       Life issues if the Chakra is out of balance
-       Which essential oil to use to balance it
-       Which crystals to use to balance it
-       Physical activities to use to balance it
-       Spiritual activities to use to balance it
-       What affirmations can be used to balance it
You will go home with an information sheet on the above.
A meditation on the Sacral Chakra to bring it into balance so the Sacral Chakra is communicating in synchronicity with all the chakras, your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etherical and astral bodies all within your Aura.
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