The Abyss - Soladite Bracelet


NEW to Neal's Yard Remedies - we are pleased to announce the launch of a new line of bracelets made by Playfield!  Playfield is a Canadian unisex jewelry brand that designs high quality, hand-crafted bracelets for the Urban Adventurer.  Playfield was launched with giving back as a core principle of the company and they are committed to donating 10% of their profits to various charitable causes.

The Abyss is apart of the Playfield Core Collection which embodies the companies values: community, strength and purpose.  This bracelet combines a sleek, minimalistic design with a charm that is available in antique steel and gold-plated steel.  The stones are sourced from Southeast Asia and stones are unpolished for a design that varies in shape and texture.

Stone - Sodalite

Truth and Inner Peace

Works great on its own or paired with another of our awesome bracelets:

The Windsor | The Peyto | The Calcedone


Wear it by itself or pair it with one of our other great Playfield bracelets.

The Windsor

The Peyto

The Calcedone


8mm matte Sodalite stones

7mm Playfield charm;  Gold-plated stainless steel


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