Traditional Chinese Facial

Traditional Chinese Facial at Neal’s Yard Remedies

Facial cupping is a rejuvenation treatment that has been used for years around the world to improve the circulation of blood in the skin which increases nutrients for healthy and glowing skin.

Specially crafted, smooth rimmed glass cups are used to create a gentle vacuum which lifts the facial tissue and activates the lymphatic drainage system. While maintaining suction, these small cups softly glide over the skin to stimulate the release of collagen to reduce lines and wrinkles, while also draining fluids causing puffiness.

Facial cupping is therapeutic, helping with sinus infections, inflammation, and chronic allergies. The gentle suction and gliding action of the cups also manually releases tension for deep relaxation providing relief for sufferers of head pain, TMJ, headaches and poor posture. It is also a wonderful treatment for those with acne issues and acne scarring.

Treatments are cumulative, and can be enjoyed as a one-time treat or as part of your regular skin maintenance regime. Each person’s face is different and has various levels of stagnation so the ideal number of treatments varies by individual.

After a facial cupping treatment, your skin will feel firmer and smoother. Areas of droopiness will be lifted, pores will be cleaner and smaller, a feeling that increases throughout the day. There is no need to hide inside after a treatment; you’ll want to show off your radiant glow!

We offer facial cupping treatments in 45 minute ($85) and 60 minute ($115) minute appointments. The 60 minute treatment is includes a Neal’s Yard Remedies organic facial mask and moisturizer, specific for your skin type, to leave you looking even more radiant. As the treatments are provided by a registered practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may be able to claim them through your benefit plan.

Book a facial cupping appointment at Neal’s Yard Remedies! Please note, if booking your appointment less than 24 hours please call the store at 403.460.8400 to confirm!