September 12, 2017


Identifying your skin type is a great starting point to plan a skincare regime and make adjustments to your lifestyle and diet.  You probably have some idea of your skin type - maybe you've taken a quiz, looked at a comparison chart, or had a beauty consultation. However it is a good idea to review it regularly, as your skin type changes over time. 


Mature Skin

As we get older, our skin ages with us.  Mature skin is lacking moisture as the production of collagen slows down. Skin also gets thinner and may have visible sun spots due to free radicals aging the skin. 

Visible signs of mature skin: thinning, sagging and fine lines, age spots or sun spots, spider veins, dry patches.

Top Tips: If you have mature skin avoid over-scrubbing the skin, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and sun exposure. Embrace your age-less beauty with award-winning age-defying skincare to help firm, rejuvenate and hydrate to restore your natural radiance with our proven Frankincense technology.


Normal Skin

Normal skin is soft, smooth, supple and not prone to breakouts.  It also has a nice healthy glow and requires low maintenance when it comes to skincare. 

Top Tips: To maintain this healthy glow, check out our range of skincare designed especially for normal skin!


Oily Skin

Oily skin is often a matter of genetics or hormonal changes.  The body produces hormones that lead to oily skin in adolescense as well as during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.  These changes trigger the body to produce more oil, which combines with dead skin cells to clog pores, but also moisturizes and makes you less prone to wrinkles.

Visible signs of oily skin: blackheads, pimples, enlarged pores, shiny patches.

Top tips: If you have oily skin avoid harsh cleansers, picking and popping blemishes, and electronic cleansing devices. Plus, check out our Palmarosa line to help reduce excess oil production, minimize the appearance of pores and control unwanted shine!


Combination Skin

When a complexion is oily in some parts and dry in the others is it known as combination skin. Combination skin may experience blemishes and breakouts at the same time as patches of dry, flaky skin.  This skin type benefits from a "combination" approach to skin care, using one type of product on the oily portion of the face and a different product on drier areas. 

Visible signs of combination skin: shiny skin, visible pores, dry patches, blackheads.

Top Tips: If you have combination skin avoid harsh cleansing products, wearing makeup to bed and limit exposure to the elements. Brighten up your day with natural ingredients to restore the skin's harmony, such as our Clarifying Mahonia Skin Gel, Yarrow & Comfrey Moisturizer and Witch Hazel Water!


Dry Skin

Dry skin is delicate and susceptible to flaking and fine lines.  The skin simply does not retain moisture very well.  It can produce uncomfortable symptoms including itchiness and tightness after cleansing.  In rare cases this may lead to eczema, psoriasis, cracks, fissures and infection.  Dry skin is a feature of genetics but as we age, it is more common, as the skin produces less oil. 

Visible signs of dry skin include: fine lines, red or dry patches, dry or flaky skin, less elasticity, invisible pores.

Top Tips: If you have dry skin avoid baths, sun exposure, limit time in extreme climates, air conditioning, and tanning beds. Try our organic skincare collection formulated to add essential hydration and nourishment.


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usually dry and prone to flaking, itching, and redness. It is also susceptible to allergic reactions and broken capillaries. Anyone of any age and gender is prone to sensitive skin, but genetics and cultural inheritance play a part.  For instance, a number of skin conditions linked to sensitive skin such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea - tend to run in families, and those of Asian descent are especially sensitive to detergents.

Visible signs of sensitive skin: flushing, blushing, inflamed patches, dryness and scaling.

Top Tips: If you have sensitive skin avoid hot baths, highly fragranced items, wearing makeup to bed, and limit exposure to the elements. Your skincare should be designed to calm and sooth to nurture even the most delicate skin. 


For more information and a personalized skincare consultation, drop by the store and we can help you customize your routine around your unique skin concerns!

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